Repair Service

Repair Service

Omnibus Clock Shop is proud to offer the very best in service for virtually any kind of clock. With our three independent work shops on the premises manned by professional, experienced technicians and supported by the very latest technology in repair equipment and a huge inventory of new, used and antique repair parts you can be assured that your clock will get the very best care.

Free Repair Estimates

We happily offer free estimates on any clock you bring to our shop while you wait with no obligation. Rarely do we vary from our estimates and when we do you are called in advance with the details and need for the variance.

Turn Around Time

At the present time, you can expect to have your repaired clock back in about two weeks – and we call you when repairs are completed so there’s no need to take up your time by ‘checking in’.

House Calls

Yes, we still make house calls. Once you call us, we give your information to one of our field service people who will then call you and make an appointment to suit your schedule.


We can also convert nearly any old clock into a battery operated precision quartz timepiece with or without chimes or pendulum. The outward appearance of the clock will remain virtually unchanged. So, if you’re tired of winding that old clock, or don’t want to be bothered with maintaining a mechanical movement, or that old electric motor gave out, you may want to take a look at the many options available to you in adding the latest in technology and timekeeping to the inner workings of your clock. An economical alternative to bring new life to that old timepiece.

Repair Parts

For the do-it-yourselfer, we maintain a huge parts inventory to suit your needs and offer free technical advice to guide you through your project. (We do not sell clock kits, however.

Repair Video

Want to learn to repair your own clock?  Here’s an interesting introductory video to clock repair: