Grandfather Clocks


Comitti of London Model CO2004

This is a superb copy of a Simon Willard Tall Clock made in the Roxbury, MA style, circa 1792.

This is a magnificent solid mahogany case featuring fine burl veneers and marquetry. It boasts a hand painted moon dial, and is fitted with a triple chime movement that plays your choice of Westminster, Whittington or St. Michael chimes. It stands a stately 92″ tall, and is 20″ wide and 12″deep.

Mssp: $13,500. Our price is: $8,995

This clock is absolutely beautiful and of the highest imaginable quality construction and finish.

Gazo “Rancho Santa Fe” This legendary clock is a massive, hand carved work of art in oak. The bonnet is adorned with a beautiful sculpture of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. This clock was delivered new in 1980 and stands 7’10” tall. It is 30 3/4″ wide and 17″ deep. It has a beautiful porcelain and brass dial which was custom made by Gazo, as was the highly ornamental weights and solid brass pendulum. It plays either the Westminster chime or Ghunod’s Ave Maria, as chosen with the slide selector near the dial.

This is a rare and highly sought after clock. It has been fully reconditioned and carries a one year warranty.

This won’t be around long at $14,500.

Interclock Model IC0281 “Atlanta”We’ve imported this clock from Belgium and it’s absolutely gorgeous with unique hand carvings, engraved weights and pendulum disc, all beveled glass, mirrored back, and lighted interior. It is constructed of top grain oak, and measures 84″tall, 28″wided and 15″deep. Your choice of Westminster, Whittington or Winchester chimes is available with a touch of your finger.

A very handsome clock for only $4,295.00 (MSSP: $6749.)

Shenandoah Model SH2007 “Bailey”This clock has all the bells and whistles of our finest clocks at nearly half the cost. Solid Cherry, Triple Chimes, Auto Night -off, mirrored back, banded weights, cast brass scroll on dial and pendulum, all beveled glass, and four doors (2 access doors on sides, top and bottom doors on front.) 86″ tall, 26 1/2″ wide, and 16″ deep.

An unbelievable price of only $1,899.00. Compare at $4000 – $6000!!

Sligh Model SL0310 “Metropolitan”This is a leading model of Sligh’s brand new Styletrends series of clocks. Crafted in hardwoods and cherry veneers in a Biedermeier cherry finish. Inlaid diamond pattern on the pediment contrasts perfectly with the black posts and polished brass caps. Plays Westminster chimes and features automatic night shut off.
81 1/2″ tall, 26 1/2″ wide, 13 1/8″deep.MSSP: $3,571.00 Our Price: $2,395.00

Sligh Model SL0312 “Carthage”This is another entry in Sligh’s exciting Styletrends line. Crafted of solid hardwoods and mahogany veneers include crotch mahogany overlays on the pediment, fluted columns adorned with outstanding scrollwork top and bottom. Plays Westminster chimes with automatic night shut off. Antique mahogany finish. 83″ tall, 28 3/8″wide, 15 1/4″ deep.

MSSP: $3,857.00 Our price: $2,395.00

Charles R. Sligh Model SL0120 “Millennium”This is Sligh’s flagship series of clocks limited to 1000 pieces. This particular model is No.80 in that series. Plays your selection of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, Shubert’s “Ave Maria” or Westminster chimes on 16 chime rods.. This clock has far too many elegant features to list, you really have to see and hear it to appreciate its magnificence! 90 3/8″ tall, 34 5/8″ wide, and 20 3/8″ deep.

MSSP: $14,543.00 Our price: $8,399.00

Charles R.Sligh Model SL0231 “Centennial”This is another Sligh flagship models in a limited edition of 1000 pieces. It features Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, Shubert’s “Ave Maria” and Westminster chimes played on 16 chime rods.. The marquetry inlays, beveled glass, banded weights, brass & silver castings decorating the dial and pendulum disc are elegantly stunning. Again, this clock has far too many features to list and must be seen and heard to appreciate its magnificance.
90″ tall, 29 1/2″ wide and 17 7/16″ deep.MSSP: $13,743.00 Our Price: $ 8,995.00


Howard Miller Model HM610-937 The aged dial displays red and yellow roses on a soft white dial with green trim. The key wound movement counts the hours and strikes the half hour on a mellow gong. I picture this in a sun room surrounded by beautiful wicker furniture, or even in a great room to add interest and charm to today’s modern home.

The case’s simple open design gives you a complete view of the antiqued pendulum and cast weights which hang from leather straps. 80″ tall, 22″ wide, 17″ deep.

MSSP: $860.00 Our price: $499.95

Howard Miller Model HM610-835Parchment oak, a soft textured cream finish, adorns this select hardwood clock. Carved rope molding on the front, sides, and framing the door. Front and side panels are beveled glass. Cable-driven triple chime movement plays Westminster, Whittington and St. Michael’s chimes. 81″ tall, 26″ wide, 14″ deep.

MSSP: $2,639.00 Our price: $1,599.00

Howard Miller Model HM610-880This clock is a very pleasant rendition of a Shaker style clock in hardwoods with a Cherry finish. The clock features a Westminster chime with selectable automatic night shut off. The working moon dial keeps track of the moon phases.

Two secret compartments make this a perfect clock for agent 007. (Bond, James Bond.) One is accessed from the left side of the base. Once that panel is opened, gently pushing on the floor reveals the second compartment.

It stands 78″ tall, 17″ wide and 12″ deep.

MSSP: $2,470.00 Our Price: $ 1,579.00

Howard Miller Model HM610-928This is a charming little ‘pinch waist’ grandmother clock for placement in a smaller area, but with the same features of a ‘big’ floor clock. The solid cherry case houses a Kieninger movement that plays Westminster chimes with a chime silence option. The clock stands 75 1/2″ tall, 16 1/2″ wide and 11 3/4″deep.

MSSP: $2,155.00 Our price: $1395.00

Howard Miller Model HM610-956A detailed shell overlay with an intricate leaf pattern adorns the arch of this Golden Oak finished clock. Also featured is a Kieninger Westminster chime movement with chime silence option, a mirrored back with interior lighting to accent the beveled glass door. The brass pendulum features a decorated disk complementing the banded weights. A very nice clock at a modest price.
It measures 80 1/2″ tall, 20″ wide, and 11 1/4″ deep.MSSP: $ 1,875.00 Our price: $l.l95.00

Howard Miller Model HM610-974This clock is ideal for the contemporary minded buyer with its simple shape, delicate nickel accents and a curved glass top. The illuminated case features a mirrored back and bottom, V-groove glass on the door and nickel finished weights and pendulum. Side glass is beveled.

The Kieninger movement plays the Westminster chime and has an automatic night shut off option. All this housed in a case that stands a stately 84 1/2″ tall, 28″ wide and 14″ deep.

MSSP: $2,750.00 Our Price: $ 1,799.00


Howard Miller Model HM615-008Finished in Antique Sienna on select materials, hardwoods and veneers, this clock also features hand-painted depictions of elegant filigrees inspired by European fresco paintings. Three shelves are hidden behind the door. A quartz dual chime battery operated movement plays Westminster and Ave Maria chimes with volume control and automatic night silencing option. It measures 83 3/4″ high, 18 1/2″ wide and 12 12″ deep.

MSSP: $1,280.00 Our price: $ 825.00

Howard Miller Model HM615-016This oriental clock features scenes illustrating the charm and drama of chinoiserie. There are three shelves behind the door. The finish is a Crackled Tamara on select hardwoods and veneers. A quartz dual chime battery operated movement plays Westminster or Ave Maria chimes with volume control and an automatic night silencing option.

A stunning Asiana piece for nearly any decor.

MSSP: $1,185.00 Our price: $795.00

Comitti of London Model CO2007Imported from England, this Vienna style floor regulator clock must be seen to be appreciated. Front door is burled walnut veneer with satinwood cross banding. The case back is book matched figured walnut with satinwood edgeline. Features full Westminster chimes with a temperature compensating pendulum. It measures 82″ tall by 27″ wide and 14″ deep.

MSSP: $8,395.00 Our price: $5,595.00

Sligh, Model SL0822Solid cherry & veneers house a triple chime, cable driven movement that plays Westminster, Whittington and St. Michael’s chimes. Includes an automatic night time silencing feature.

This stately beauty stands 80″ high, 21 1/2″ wide and 13″ deep.

MSSP: $3,329.00 Our Price: $1,999.00

Loricron Model LOR51008This delightful little clock stands only 72″ tall, 16″wide and 9″deep. Perfect for the smaller area. Made of solid cherry, it sports two shelves behind that door. The movement is key wound and plays the Westminster chimes. (I get a kick out of this one because its shaped a little like me!!!)

MSSP: $1,559.00 Our Price: $1,099.00


Bulova Model B3323This clock is for the Frank Lloyd Wright aficionado, this clock is an adaptation of a floor lamp designed for the “textile block” John Storer House, Hollywood, California.
It sports a cast alloy base with square metal tubing framework and stands 78″ tall by 10 1/4″ square base.Own in for our sale price of only $175.00